What If You Could Eat Carbs, Lose Weight and Never Have to Diet Again?
We are about to disrupt everything you THINK you know about nutrition.
Are you confused about what the 
heck you SHOULD be eating? 
Are you confused about what the 
heck you SHOULD be eating? 
What If You Could Eat Carbs, Lose Weight and Never Have to Diet Again?
We are about to disrupt everything you THINK you know about nutrition.
"I have been on a never ending up and down weight journey for years. I have had so little success with so many other plans.

 With your help, guidance and unwavering support I am beginning to accomplish my goals with a sustainable plan for the long term, the greatest one being my reduction in anxiety. Didn’t realize it was happening, but I used to have massive anxiety attacks in the morning and throughout the day, some crippling. No more.

There are not enough words to thank you for this gift of health!"
Nancy D., Michigan
What if I told you that you are doing it all wrong?
Imagine if you didn't have to...
  • Cut Carbs
  • ​Track everything you put in your mouth
  • ​Limit food intake
  • ​Be hungry
  • ​Deprive yourself
  • ​Miss out on social situations because you know you can't EAT
  • ​Feel like a failure
  • ​Feel limited at every meal
  • ​Think you can never drink again
  • ​Bring your own food to a restaurant to stay "on plan"
  • ​Save all your calories for “cheat meals”
  • Cook a different dinner for yourself
  • ​Lose weight only to gain it all back
  • ​Feel drained all the time
  • ​Tell your kids, “I can’t ‘cuz I am on a diet” and model unhealthy habits
  • ​Join a “boot camp” at the gym to lose weight
  • ​Workout all the time
  • ​Starve yourself
  • ​Go long periods without food
  • ​Eat the same thing all the time
  • ​Do math for your diet
  • ​Blame genetics for your failure at sustaining progress 
  • ​Feel guilty about eating
  • ​Let cravings control you and leave you feeling helpless
  • ​Spend hours meal prepping
  • ​Go on a diet.
And instead got to...
  • Eat carbs at every meal
  • Stop thinking about calories or points
  • ​Eat often
  • Feel full
  • ​Say yes to what you want
  • Enjoy social situations that includes EATING
  • ​Wake up with “wins” daily
  • ​Feel empowered every time you eat
  • ​Enjoy your drink of choice! Cheers!
  • ​Eat out as much as you want (or can afford!)
  • ​Have the flexibility to indulge
  • ​Eat the same dinner as your family
  • ​Lose weight for the long term
  • ​Produce your own natural energy!
  • ​Empower your kids to have healthy mindsets about food
  • ​Focus on your nutrition first (That’s 80% of it anyway!)
  • ​Integrate movement that YOU enjoy
  • ​Eat. And never feel hungry
  • ​Use food as fuel and eat A LOT, ALL DAY
  • ​Have variety in what you eat
  • ​Put the calculator away!
  • ​Boost your metabolism regardless of genetics
  • ​Change your mindset about food
  • ​You control the food, the food doesn’t control you
  • ​Work smarter not harder
  • ​Have a simple solution you can do forever
Hey there, I'm Carrie!
And I know what it's like to feel like you have tried it all.
I know because I felt the same way.

I was a busy working mom who loved wine, carbs and hated my body. I tried to diet only for it to work and then fail. I tried to go to the gym but I found all I was losing was time and energy, not weight. I tried to count calories but I was always freaking hungry...and really, I couldn't do that much math before every darn meal. 

I thought low fat was the answer so I tried that. Then I heard about no carb so I ate a lot of protein and fat. But I freaking love carbs. So that didn't last long.

I used to talk about it with everyone, asking them what they did, what solutions they found, what worked for them. And you know what? Everyone was just as confused. They found things that worked for a while but then they didn't, so they tried something else. Rinse and Repeat. 

Which made me more confused. And frustrated. And thinking, is there really no solution to that really works?
Have you ever been on a diet and lost weight only to gain it all back again?
I've got news for you. It wasn't your fault. Diets will always fail us.

Diets have convinced people to believe that if they simply take in less calories than they burn, they will lose weight. If you have ever counted a calorie or a point, you will know what I am talking about. 

Here's the thing, that WILL work in the short term.  BUT your body is reacting to the decreased food intake and letting go of fat in your muscles and this is NOT where we want to lose it! 

This is why we are cranky when we are on a diet, have a lack of energy, and feel like we crave foods even more than before. Even worse, because you are depriving your body of nutrients, your metabolism slows down and because of this, over time you can eat EXACTLY the same thing you were eating a few weeks ago, and suddenly start gaining weight again!  

Think of it like the first time you may have had a beer. The first one may have made you feel tipsy, right? But over time, it took 2 or 3 to have that same effect on you. Diets are like that. At first, your body will react to a diet and allow you to loose weight, but eventually your body will start to slow down it's metabolism to make up for the caloric deprivation and you have to start eating less and less to keep losing weight. 

That is why you have failed at diets over the years...it wasn't YOU...it was THEM! ​​​​​​

SO, if diets are designed to fail, why do we keep going back for? Because every diet plan teaches that effective nutrition is complicated with all sorts of food rules to follow so if if it fails, it's because YOU did something wrong...

But why would they do that? 

Because it forces you to spend more money, buy more of their programs, attend more of their meetings and pay for more coaching. Over and over and over again.

It's all a way to get you to HAVE to keep spending. To keep trying. To keep failing.


We are here to disrupt everything you THINK you know about nutrition. And it starts with disrupting the notion that you ever have to diet again.

In fact, we call ourselves "Diet Disruptors." It's true, we do. We wear the title like a badge.

The key is to actually use food as fuel. Just like we need gas in our tank to run our cars efficiently, we need to keep our bodies fueled. By eating the right nutrients, at the right times, in the right portions, throughout the day, your body eventually learns, "I know you are going to feed me again soon so I am just gonna take what I need and let go of the rest."  

Ever deprive yourself of calories or "starved" yourself before a big meal? Yeah? Well, little did I know that your body gets all confused and reacts by holding onto the food and then it turns it into stored fat because you scare it into thinking it doesn't know when it will get it again!  

"I have learned so much with you. 

I think my biggest takeaway has been around my ability to develop a positive relationship with food. I've suffered from an eating disorder and body image issues most of my life. 

Your 4 Week Lifestyle Launch has been my first step into the right direction with food being a positive in my life. This is not about losing weight for me, it's about fueling my body properly and loving myself."
Crystal F., New Mexico
What if I told you I took that very solution and applied my expertise as an international educator and consultant into a program that anyone can learn and implement. It’s a simple, sustainable, satisfying and affordable...and for the first time, it won’t let you down. The best news...it is not a diet. In fact, we are on a mission to disrupt the notion of ever having to diet again.  

It’s called the 4 Weeks 2 Wellness Lifestyle Launch and it combines all the components of exactly what I learned over the past 5 years by hiring my own nutrition coach, doing a ton of research and eventually getting my health and nutrition coach certifications. 

My experience as an educator has allowed me to design a learning process that is streamlined, easy to follow and yields incredible results. 

Simply put, this is the most affordable way to get high quality, personalized coaching with a comprehensive education so that you can stop searching for solutions and truly disrupt everything you know about nutrition.

The Specifics of the 4 Weeks 2 Wellness Lifestyle Launch
You will start your journey with a week of pre-challenge education and then dive into 4 weeks of detoxing your body with clean eating and eliminating foods that don’t serve you. This pushes the “reset button” on your body so it’s primed for incredible results. 

Throughout the month you will also learn the simple yet life changing nutritional concepts that will shift everything you think you know about nutrition. 

You will likely be eating more than you ever did before, balancing the right nutrients at the right frequency to turn your body into a machine with a boosted metabolism, balanced blood sugar, increased energy, better sleep, less anxiety, all in a solution that will result in long term success.
Throughout your experience you will be supported, coached and cared for! Our team of coaches are just like you...they struggled and found THIS as the only solution that has worked for the long term. And they want to help you succeed too!

Towards the end of the program, you will be coached and taught how to start to integrate what you have learned into a lifestyle so you can eat in any social situation and sustain your progress, satisfaction and mindsets...forever!

Our 4W2W Lifestyle Launch but click here to get on the mailing list and you will be the FIRST to know when we are opening our doors for the next one!

Interested in a Mini-Detox before the holidays? 
How about our Limited Time "12 Days of Detoxing" Program? 
Click here  for more info! 
Coaching: Support and accountability matters
Access to your own private coach AND access to our member's only Facebook Group with a group coach. With the community, personalized support and accountability, it's never been so motivating to jumpstart your health!
Education: When you KNOW you can DO
As an award winning international educator, I know how to teach SO you learn. This comprehensive, easy to navigate online learning portal teaches you exactly what to do, how to do it and with tons of resources as well!
Detox: Setting your body up for success
When we start with a strong foundation, we can build something much stronger! Cleansing your body through a clean eating approach for 4 Weeks sets your body up for long term success as you launch into a new lifestyle!
Let's Dig a Little Deeper...
This lifestyle launch will focus on 5 key areas to truly reset your body and get you on the right track:
  • ​Increasing nutrient intake of the right amount of proteins, fats and carbs
  • ​Eating clean
  • ​Balancing blood sugar (which in addition to health benefits, also boosts metabolism)
  • ​Supporting elimination organs
  • ​Eliminating allergenic and addictive foods

For 4 weeks we will promote eating whole, organic foods and putting a "pause" on certain foods while learning how to truly balance your nutrients so you turn your body into a fat burning machine!

To see the entire "avoid" list of foods we eliminate during the Lifestyle Launch, scroll down to the bottom of the page.
Take a look at the results many of our Diet Disruptors have seen as a result of our 4W2W Lifestyle Launch:
  • More energy, less fatigue
  • Improved digestion and gut health
  • ​Less mood swings, stable emotions
  • ​Clearer Skin
  • ​Reduced or eliminated PMS 
  • ​Reduced or eliminated Hot Flashes
  • ​Happier and less depressed
  • ​Increased libido
  • ​Better sleep
  • ​Faster metabolism
  • ​Weight loss and lower body fat
  • ​Joint health and muscle stregnth
The program is structured to offer you streamlined and effective virtual support:
  • Online learning access for 6 weeks
  • Access to a private facebook support group for 6 weeks
  • ​Access to a virtual group coach through the FB page
  • ​Access to your own, private health coach
  • ​FB Live coaching sessions to ask questions and get extra tips from the group coach
  • ​4 Weeks of recipes
  • ​Printable guides and resources
  • ​Meal Planning/Grocery Templates
  • ​Access to our monthly members-only recipe and grocery subscription 
Ready to Get Started?
There are Two Ways to Launch into a New Lifestyle!
We are not currently running a 4W2W Lifestyle Launch but click here to get on the mailing list and you will be the FIRST to know when we are opening our doors for the next one!
Join Without a Nutrition Kit
Value: $1700  
Priced at only: $199! 
Personal Health Coach: 
($750 value)
Members Only Private Group: 
($150 value)
 Comprehensive 6-Week Course: 
($750 Value)
Recipe Subscription Access! 
($50 value)

*Suggested shopping list of nutrition products provided

Join With a Nutrition Kit 
Value: $2250  
Priced at: $295.40!
Everything that is in the option without the kit
($1700 value)

And...a fully stocked nutrition kit with everything you need!
($550 Value)

20-40% off all future purchases for a year!
FREE Gift with purchase worth up to $100!
CLICK HERE for more info

"I’m very happy I did this - not to get too sentimental - but - I think it is saving my life! I had worked with a trainer before and he never taught me what I learned with you.

I think of the crap I was eating that wasn’t very tasty, gave me no pleasure when I ate it and made me feel sick and tired after eating!!!!  

I just got my blood work back because I have been Type 2 Diabetic. My A1c went down 3 points since my appointment 3 months ago. My doctor was shocked."
Leo L., Connecticut
Got a question that isn't answered here? Click here to send us a message and we will answer it!
Q. What makes this so different then all the other diets or programs out there?

A. Good question! We are literally the ANTI-DIET. You will learn how to eat what I call "healthy" AND "correct" and that makes all the difference. Did you see my interview with Karen the other day where she ate "healthy" before working with me and gained 25 pounds? Unfortunately, if we don't know how to eat the right foods in the right combinations at the right frequency, we aren't nourishing them the way they need, and as a result, our bodies don't do for us what we need and want.

Or how about my interview with Nicole who worked with TWELVE nutrition coaches before me and knew how to eat clean and balance her macro nutrients so thought she was eating "healthy" AND "correct" already. But when I shifted her approach with some key tweaks, it make ALL the difference and literally NO ONE had taught her this before. She not only lost more than 13 pounds in those 4 weeks but 2 months after her "launch" to a new lifestyle, her metabolism just keeps boosting. She was completely blown away.

You will learn how to eat so that you are FUELED and therefore you will eat more than you thought you could...and the way that I teach you how to do that is so streamlined and simple, that your kids can even do it. There are NO calories to count, points to keep track of or even the need to track your intake for the day.

Q. Why do I have to go through a 4 Week Detox?
A. I used to do that and people saw progress but when I really understood the concept of how important it was to truly cleanse the toxins, addictive and acidic foods, etc from our system at the same time, my clients saw much better results, felt better and could sustain the progress. In addition, when we implement while we learn, and are coached in real time, we build habits and muscle memory that makes it STICKY. And STICKY learning results in IMPACT. 

Intense focus + 4 Weeks = A lifetime of FREEDOM!

Q. Don't our bodies naturally detox itself?
A. Yes and no. Our liver definitely detoxes our bodies but the truth is, we are putting in so many toxins, preservatives and processed foods without often knowing it, that our bodies can't keep up. Just 4 days into eating clean starts to trigger a response in your body that will shock you into understanding just how much you needed this!

Q. I have so many things coming up in the next 4 weeks, what if I can't do it perfectly the entire time?
A. Listen, there will never be a perfect time to do this...and that is fine! This is called a "Lifestyle Launch" for a reason! It will literally propel you into knowing the FORMULA for a simple approach that is totally sustainable forever and is surprisingly satisfying. In fact, I travel internationally all the time and it's no problem, I have you covered!

The big goal of these 4 weeks is to commit to the journey and the coaching, to do the BEST you can and LEARN a lifestyle that will literally last you the rest of your life. Sure, these 4 weeks are POWERFUL if you can do it ALL IN, but I have very few clients who don't have a bat-sh*t crazy life and can do it totally perfectly. However, I will also say that the recipes and the ease of all this makes it pretty darn simple to follow even with big life events going on.

If you really feel like right now won't work for you, you can always consider joining our membership group or get on the wait list for our online, self-paced course where I teach the exact approach we teach in the Lifestyle Launch, but without going though the 4 week detox first. (It's not ready quite yet, but click here to get on the wait list and be the first to know when it's released!)

Q. What kinds of food will I eat and what will I have to avoid?
A. During the 4 weeks, we get to take the time to fuel our bodies with foods that truly nourish us and avoid the foods that don't serve us. We eat whole, unprocessed foods as much as possible and avoid added sugars, articifical sweeteners, foods that are acidic such as certain vinegars and coffee, and food that haas a high glycemic index as well. Gluten, soy, dairy and alcohol are avoided so we can prime our bodies for a foundation of success. Once the 4 weeks are over, we teach you how to launch into a lifestyle that may integrate these foods back in, but we teach you how to do it in a way that is systematic and intentional. Click here for a full list of what we include and avoid during the 4 weeks.

Q. I am not on Facebook, how can I still get the group coaching and community?
A. Yeah, I know. Facebook is either a love it or hate it kinda thing. I LOVE it because it's really an amazing portal for groups to have a private place to hang out, support each other and learn. (I also MAAAAAYYYYY get too much of my news from FB but, I digress) The good news is that ALL the content you need to be successful during the 4 weeks is in a separate online learning portal that has nothing to do with Facebook.

HOWEVER, The private Facebook group is where my live coaching calls happen and those calls are pretty freaking awesome. It's where you can get MORE info and tips based on where you are in the 4 weeks. You can also ask questions during the coaching call. In addition, the FB page gives you access to our supportive community who knows SO MUCH about where to find great food, recipes and can offer really helpful advice 24 hours a day.
So, suck it up buttercup and get yourself a dummy account and join in on the experience, I would hate for you to miss all the goodness in there.

What Other Diet Disruptors Are Saying About the 4W2W Lifestyle Launch:
Meet Nicole...
We had never had a client who had tried as many different diets before coming to us.  In fact, she worked with 12 nutrition coaches and a variety of doctors.  In addition, she JUST had a baby and was determined to find a solution that wouldn't also take so much time!  
Listen to Nicole's powerful story here...
Meet Karen...
Karen was on a mission to take control of her health, so she did what most do...consult "the google".  After tons of research she knew going vegan was going to be important for her and so she did.  And she gained 25 pounds....and then came to us for support.  Listen to her story and she even shares some amazing travel tips!
Sorry! We are not currently running a 4W2W Lifestyle Launch but click here to get on the mailing list and you will be the FIRST to know when we are opening our doors for the next one!
"How is no one else teaching this?!"
-Lindsey, Diet Disruptor Squad Member
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